Heatwave in Montreal

One of the coolest spots - inside City Hall where I was filming.
Hottest day of the year so far and I feel like I'm starring in my own pop video. I get in the car and jets of air are blowing my hair around. I go to bed and an electric fan is doing the same. Infact there is very little time when I am not standing next to some sort of wind machine to try and keep cool.

Museum of Fine Arts - great air conditioning today.

With humidity it felt 41C in Montreal today. Not a good day to be in the city filming. The actual temperature was 35C. I just drove back to the country and noticed it was 37C (98F) in Laval , 33C at the bottom of our hill and 30C here at the lake. All going in the right direction but still feels hot to me. Thinking of a dip in the lake before bed. Hang on, that was lightening. Swim's cancelled.
Swim in the thunder and lightening anyone?

Coming from Newcastle it is hard to imagine what 35C feels like. Today I can tell you it feels like someone standing with a hair dryer blowing in your face all day. The streets seemed quiet to me. I reckon people were staying indoors. I call into a store after walking 5 minutes in this heat and let out a sigh of relief at the icy air conditioning. That's what everyone says, responds the owner.
No hot heads in here. Nice cool air.

A night in the Ice Hotel would be nice about now.
Here's my piece on the Badlands in The Australian newspaper


  1. You'll be delighted to know it's rained almost every day since we got back from Canada on the 4th.

  2. It's remarks like that that warm the cockles of my heart. Not only do I live in a hot country (summer only) but it's raining back in England. Yes.

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