Deer me

Deer breakfast.
Just as the laughter was dying down from my last deer post when I waxed lyrical about catching the good-looking creature on camera, he came back. The post had sparked several comments wondering why I would be pleased to see a deer in my garden.
Don't you know they are the enemy of gardeners, the Canadians said. Lighten up, I thought. It's a thrill to see wildlife so close up. Unfortunately I missed another sighting of him eating all my hosta plants, bless him. (see above) He's in the wood somewhere now having a good laugh.
Pre-deer hostas.

Also laughing are the mosquitos who saw a foolish photographer out at dawn and nightfall  yesterday. They must be so grateful a stupid Brit is around to get a good feed. I cannot bring myself to wear shoes and socks in the heat like the Canadians. I had more time to think about that rule as I lay in bed with throbbing ankles covered in bites.
Morning light but was it worth it?

Another health risk of the heat is frying bacon for breakfast in a bikini. Use a frying pan, advises a Twitter friend. Fair point. The corn season is now upon us and my father-in-law generously slips us a couple of cobs every time we see him. My husband has started to make positive noises when eating multiple cobs after his main meal. This tells me we are entering the proper corn season. It's corn by the way and not corn on the cob (as in England). Same as it's hockey and not ice hockey. Many conversations will be had about the quality of this vegetable over the coming summer. We are in Canada, after all. It's a bit like me going on about tea. Which I do often, as you know. Mmm think I'll put the kettle on.... hang on what's that orange patch on the lawn. The little.....

Nightfall equals sore ankles.
Video of the culprit


  1. haha I would so be the same if I lived in Canada. I'd be like 'hey Deer eat what you like, in fact come on inside and have a cup of tea while you are at it' ; ) Beautiful lake shots too. Worth the bites I think, but that's easy to say when its not my ankles...


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