How high is our corn?

Just listen to the first 20 seconds of this song...

It might be as high as an elephant's eye in Oklahoma but the subject of when Quebec's corn harvest will be ready is one which occupies our dinner table a lot these days. Not till mid-August says one. In a few days, says another. Further research reveals Quebec farmers expect the corn to be knee high by the 1st of July. The corn stand on our back road is the place to get the scoop so I set off with my faltering French.

Still too small for the purists
We're delighted to find corn on the corn stand though the cobs are small. They come from Saint Janvier says the owner and we should be at the peak of the harvest in two weeks. My friend buys six for $3.75 - quite expensive we think.

We don't have an elephant to hand so we set off into what looks like a cornfield (er..we are from the city afterall. It could be turnips). There we measure the crop and finds it tickles our knees nicely, thank you. So we feel reassured that in a couple of weeks we will have corn coming out of our ears, if you'll pardon the pun.
It's knee-high but is it corn?
 I've spoken before about how curious the whole Canadian corn thing is to a Brit. We are used to paying a fortune for two oversweet cobs in a plastic pack. Scooping up a dozen in a bag here is one of the joys of a Canadian summer. Arguing about the best way to cook them is another matter. (milk anyone?)
Another corn story.
The story of filming bear hunters.
Can you hear the corn growing?


  1. Just had some corn labelled Ontario grown. Not sure it's Ontario. Would be earlier for sure and with such a wet spring. Do they grow greenhouse corn? I thought you might like to see a post from the "Corn Capital of Canada". Never eaten Taber Corn myself but every Albertan I've ever met raves about it.

  2. I need to try this famous Taber corn - and what's more get a real Canadian friend or family member to try it and see their reaction. They are very picky these Canucks. Sometimes they start talking about peaches and cream corn and their eyes glaze over and I have no idea what they are on about. Bless.


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