Autumn colours or Fall colors - it's all good.

Now we've eaten the turkey and demolished my aunt's homemade pumpkin pie  I can report this Thanksgiving (Canadian is a month earlier than in the States) I am feeling very thankful for our best summer since we moved here in 2008. Fall or Autumn (yes John, I'm using their words now) is not disappointing us either.

Walking the trails
Thanksgiving weekend and suddenly people are appearing everywhere - cyclists, walkers, bikers and on our ski trails - mountain bikers who scare the life out of you but are very polite with a bonjour here and a bonne journée there. Well it is Canada after all. (or should I say Quebec)

Look up

Today everyone has gone back to work and it's blissfully quiet again.  This weekend I had my last swim. The cold was the sort that stays with you. Although I was first in the water (showing off as usual) I did not join my husband and friend in a swim out into the lake. Mainly because I thought I might die. The blackboard in our kitchen tells me my first swim was June 3 and I'm happy to report my last was October 9.

Maples in all their glory. 

That's enough now - really it is. "How do you spend Thanksgiving in England?", I have been asked. We don't have one I say. I think it's celebrating the Pilgrim Fathers arriving here. It's celebrating when we got rid of you, I joke. Well, we're really celebrating getting away from you," comes the reply. 

I was trusted with the roast vegetables for the family Thanksgiving so parsnips and Delia potatoes were produced. Basically it's Christmas dinner but instead of plum pudding there's pumpkin pie and this year chocolate torte. Thanksgiving is also one of those few celebrations that has not been commercialised to death and so we are not expected to spend money for once. Just good food and good company.

The lake in Fall
This is our last night up at the lake and we look forward to some wintry adventures in a snowy Montreal. Average snowfall is over two metres and the prospect of long padded coats, my Sorel boots and mitten collection await. Wish me luck. I always feel apprehensive about our winters but then as soon as the snow comes I'm out there with the best of them. For now I'm enjoying the colour of Fall until everything turns white.

Adirondacks in the autumn.
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