Our first snowfall of winter - in New York.

The Catskill Forest Preserve
It's always the same when someone tells you to expect snow for the first time in winter. I always think they are joking. I've only just switched from sandals, for goodness sake. So when our B&B host in Woodstock, NY told us snow was predicted I didn't really believe him. Then this happened...
Suddenly it's winter
We were driving northwest on the very steep Platte Clove Road toward Elka Park, when we realised it was Winter on the tops and Fall down below. Each tiny bit of snow seemed worth photographing as we climbed. Little did we know we would end up in a winter wonderland on the trails further along the road.
Humidity makes for sticky snow
The Catskills are one of our favourite spots. Our fascination started 9 years ago when we stayed and followed the trail of The Band who used to live here and recorded their album The Big Pink. Levon Helm still hosts Midnight Rambles here and lives in the village. Now we are exploring the hills and always stay at the Village Green B&B with its two very cute rooms and two very cute dogs, Jack and Brandy. 

Village Green B&B, Woodstock

Tomorrow: Fall colours in the Catskills.


  1. Surprise! October in the eastern part of North America. Glad you're still finding pleasure in your adopted home.


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