Cold feet.......

Grinning through the pain.
Just got back from the Ice Hotel near Quebec City. (This is me wearing 20 layers of clothing before going to bed). One of those tourist attractions which simply does not disappoint. Surprisingly un-tacky and the carved snow and ice is just beautiful. Heard lots of British accents including one woman, who on hearing the guidelines for staying the night in the icy bedrooms, turned to her partner and said "We'll just have to get absolutely bladdered."
A worthy sentiment. As I unfolded my hotel-issue North Face sleeping bag I was completely unable to remember why I had wanted to do this so much.
One of the bedrooms in the Ice Hotel.

Next morning and miraculously still alive I unstuck my boots, which had become frozen to the snow-floor, and legged it to the warmer hotel next door for breakfast. Spending a night in the Ice Hotel is one of those essentially Canadian experiences which I keep notching up.
Looks warm. Feels cold. Pretty though eh?

Meanwhile my friends, who have lived in Montreal all their lives, have never even seen it. Same thing with skating the length of the Rideau Skateway in Ottawa (the world's largest ice rink) or taking part in the Canadian Ski Marathon. You did what, they ask, when all the time I assume Canadians do this stuff regularly.

For info on the Hotel de Glace or Ice Hotel near Quebec City visit their website here....
Ice Hotel or listen to my radio feature on the BBC here...Woman's Hour
Just remember it is cold so cocktails and hot-tub before bed are essential.


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