Geordie learns French with Koreans in Canada/ Bike mad.

I'm learning French in a Korean community centre in Montreal, Quebec. I'm not sure my French is up to much but my Korean is coming along nicely, thank you. My first day at school and I'm invited to tell the class a little about myself. My fellow students are from Mexico, China, Korea and Iran. Je viens de l'Angleterre. Silence and confused looks. I try a few more times and the teacher tries to help me out. No, it's official, no-one has ever heard of it. We move onto something else........
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As I wait on my bicycle at the traffic lights, another cyclist pulls up on the cycle path beside me. I am aware that he is looking at me. As the lights turn to green he leans over. "Nice bike," he says and pedals off.  That's the thing about Montrealers. They do love their bikes. Read full article in the Observer 


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