Canadians learn our quaint British customs.....

So England is looking at making beer glasses out of a different substance so fewer people get hurt. This is the sort of story that makes you proud to be British. The Canadian radio journalist explains, " Glassing is a British expression for when someone is attacked with a broken glass in a pub fight." I just love that they have never even heard of it here. I asked my friend what she thought glassing was and she replied, is it when you chink glasses and make a toast? Bless. We like to joke when a police car flies by here that someone has dropped some litter or returned an overdue library book. Of course there is crime, but there is no antisocial behaviour. They actually don't know what it is. How I miss those nights when I was sitting in front of the fire back home , listening to drunks shouting obscenities as they staggered past our flat. Then getting up the next morning to find our estate agent sign had been pulled down for a tenth time or a naked drunk man on his stag weekend was chained to the lamppost outside our house. My friend tells me snowdrops are starting to grow back home. I used to love those first signs of Spring in England - the snowdrops and the glassings. Happy days.

Picture: another crime-ridden day in Canada...........


  1. You made me crack up. Several times. Thank you :)

  2. Sol
    Thank you. If I make myself laugh writing this nonsense then I figure someone else might like it somewhere.


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