Street life

Our jogging route

Jogging on the streets of a city is a good barometer of how civilised a country is. In England it was a challenge to go for a run without getting some sort of abuse hurled at you - mainly shouted from car windows. I once had a boyfriend who was cycling along the Great North Road in Newcastle and was hit by a missile thrown from a car. It turned out to be a pie.
Last night we went for a run in Montreal. A man walking his dog heard us approaching. He stopped and made his dog stand aside too. "There you go,' he said. "Have a good run.'
Recently an assistant in the Gap told me to have a SPECTACULAR afternoon. Not sure I can measure up to that. My favourite was a shop assistant who bid me farewell as I left her store with a cheery, "enjoy your shoes!" This is a line we often repeat in our house, for some reason, whenever shoes are mentioned.


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