Cottage in the woods

If you want to pretend to be a Canadian you must spend your summers in a cottage. Here's how

* Develop a love of mosquito repellent. You are going to be breathing it and tasting it for several months now.
* Get your summer feet on. No socks and sandals here. Your feet should be like old pieces of leather by the end of the summer and able to walk over gravel, twigs and old porcupines without even noticing.
* Invest in some earplugs. The sound of a Canadian summer in the country is a gentle hum. It's made by all the power tools and lawn mowers.
* Women - never learn how to use a barbeque (my mother-in-law taught me this one). Guess what? You never have to make dinner all summer.

Check out my film page where you can see videos on making maple syrup, staying in Quebec's ice hotel, making ice wine in Monteregie,  how to make poutine and dressing up at Quebec City's annual New France Festival.


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