Je suis cameraman avec "e".

Surely this cannot be right. I ask my French teacher how to say I am a camera operator and she tells me the French word is "un cameraman". Mais je suis une femme, I protest in my best anglo accent. Pas de probleme, she tells me. You just stick an e on the end. Who knew?
We are learning about the history of Quebec in this, my free Government French class. When we get to the battle on the Plains of Abraham it gets a bit tricky. This is when the French were defeated by us nasty Brits and the glorious Nouvelle France period ended. My teacher looks at me and all my classmates from Mexico, Columbia, China and Korea. This is the first time I've taught this with an English person in the class, she laughs. I oblige by cheering when she tells us about the British victory. I'm sure not every teacher working for the Quebec Government would have laughed like mine did. But there again , they do have the last laugh and the the first language.


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