Teenage puzzle

When a visiting Brit saw a bunch of children in the our neighbourhood park singing and clapping their hands, he assumed they were probably about eight years old. When he got closer he realised they were teenagers. "What's up with that? Are they in a cult", he asked me. "Welcome to the 1950s", I say. Canadians probably think this is patronising - describing their nation as an unsophisticated place full of simple souls leading simple lives. But nothing could be further from the truth.
Canadians are far more civilised than Brits.  Last night we went to one of Montreal's many free festivals - the Francofolies. Families out in the sun enjoying the music, having a drink and sharing a meal. It reminded me of my first Montreal festival. I was shocked.  Call this a festival? Where are the drunks, the fights, the people being sick?
They do things differently here and it reminds me of what England was probably like in the 50s.
As my friend walked past the singing, happy teenagers, he turned to me. "Shouldn't they be doing drugs or something?"


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